Eko Rad

Cheap electric heating

Eko Rad is the perfect solution for homeowners looking for low priced electric heaters. They’re easy to install and run directly from a domestic electric plug socket. If your looking for cheap supplementary heating, or a low priced electric heater for extensions, garage conversion etc. consider Ekorad. Order online and receive within 48 hours.

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Buy online and receive within 48 hours

All Eko Rad heaters are ordered online. Once ordered you’ll receive your home heating within 48hours (subject to postage requirements). Ekorad heaters are supply only, therefore you’ll have to install yourself, or find a trained electrician who can install them for you.

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Available Heaters


Ekorad is a modern electric heater that warms a room using dual therm technology. Slim in design and easy to use, it’s perfect for flats, rented apartments and houses.

How this heater is controlled: The Eko-Rad is controlled using an integrated LCD screen. It has a motion sensor, window security function, dual temperature control and much more. Find out more here

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0800 1032 709

Eko-Flow / Eko-Heat

The Eko Flow / Heat are easy to use convection heaters. They use the same dual therm technology as the Eko-Rad, but have a simple control system. Need more heat? All you need to do is turn the dial clockwise. Less heat? Simple – Anti-clockwise. They’re great heaters for workplaces, small apartments / flats, even large homes. They can even be programmed when purchased with the add-on remote control and sensor.


The Eko-Rail is a radiant towel rail heater that warms a room by producing warmth directly from the electrics. It uses a dial control system like the Eko-Flow, making it easy to adjust the temperature when you enter the room. The smart thing about the Eko-Rail is that it instantly produces warmth. There’s no warm up period, no storage process. What’s more, it can be purchased on a hinge, meaning it can be rotated 180 degrees allowing more towels to be stored.


Popular in demand, the Eko-Air is a small fan heater that can protect your bathroom from dampness, condensation and mould. The Eko-Air warms up fast, blowing air into the room. They’re great for smaller bathrooms that need heat for warmth and drying within minutes

Call EkoRad on freephone

0800 1032 709

All Eko Rad heaters can be purchased online at www.elektrostore.co.uk. Follow them on social media for future promotions and discounts.