Novo Rad

NEW Dynamic Storage Heating 

NovoRad is a lower priced alternative to Fischer Future Heat. This heating solution can warm your home for a fair and efficient price. They’re slim in design and offer instant warmth within 15 minutes of the core reaching the required heat capacity. They’re the perfect solution for homeowners with a smaller budget.

How do they work?

Like many heaters of their type, they work by warming an internal core. What makes them so different is the material that the core is made out of. Mica retains heat fast. Further to this, the core has an embedded steel heating element. Novo Rad heaters have widened flutes for  improved convection into the room. The air within the heater is drawn past the heated core and transferred into the room.

When the NovoRad has full heat capacity it can distribute warmth directly into the room. Whilst this is happening, radiant heat from the steel surface warms nearby objects through the use of radiant heat.

How are NovoRad heaters Controlled?

NovoRad heaters are controlled using a wireless temperature controlled thermostat that is simple to use and effective.  You set the temperatures you desire the room to be at and the heater will respond in accordance to the thermostat. These thermostats are accurate and guarantee your room will reach the exact temperature you set. They have programming capabilities that allow you to set a weekly program allowing the heater to work automatically without human intervention.

Call NovoRad on freephone

0800 1032 880

How do I buy?

All NovoRad requires are dimensions of each room you plan on installing a heater into. Request a quote on CompareHeaters and we’ll contact NovoRad to get them to contact you back. The process is easy and stress free. No sales meeting needed.

All Novo Rad dynamic storage heaters can be purchased online at Elektro Store