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Premier Rad radiators are a modern electric heating alternative that has the storage element on the outside of the unit. This improves radiant heat distribution and therefore enhances the room comfort. Alongside improved radiant heat, the positioning of an external storage component helps with convection because the cold air freely flows through the internal areas and warms fast which then pushes warm air into the room.

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Premier Rad, manufactured by Climastar

Premier Rad Classic

The Premier Rad Classic is a stylish electric heater that has a 3D effect running horizontally across the heater. This design improves the outlook of the room. These heaters warm using Premier Rad’s Silox Dual Stone. Convection and radiant heat is forwarded into the room to improve comfort. Controlled using a LED touchscreen thermostat.


Premier Rad EcoHeat

Premier Rad EcoHeat is one of the only paintable electric heaters available on the UK market. Using radiator paint that can withstand 70C, you can customise this heater adding whatever colour / finish you wish. The heater comes in white cashmere as standard, and is controlled using an LED touchscreen thermostat. Comes with 5 year guarantee (2 years on electrical components)

Premier Rad Natural Range

Premier Rad natural range come in slate or stone finished. They come in either a white or black colour. Slimline in design they are perfect for all rooms. They are controlled using an LED touchscreen thermostat (also available with wifi control) and come with a 5 year guarantee (with two years on electric components)

Premier Radiators Bathroom Range

Premier Rad Bathroom Range

All Premier Rad radiators are available in a stylish bathroom range. Their bathroom range has electric bathroom heaters and electric towel warmers. All bathroom heaters come with integrated towel rail(s) and are controlled using the same LED touchscreen thermostat as all Premier Rad radiators. All bathroom radiators are IPX4 RATED and come with a 5 year guarantee (with two years on electrical components).

Premier Rad Portable Range

Premier Rad also offer a range of portable electric heaters that are ideal for conservatories, loft rooms and offices. Two versions are available (more info in their catalogue). They come with simple controls and carry the same 5 year guarantee (with 2 years on electrical components) as all Premier Rad radiators.

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