The key to efficient home heating is control. Slimline electric heaters are the best form of heating for total efficiency and comfort. Whilst gas central heating and other systems have improved their control, they are no comparison to electric heaters that work independently without the need of a boiler or master heat source.


All modern electric heaters are similar when you consider that they’re independent. However, they’re all unique and different when it comes to the way they utilise their independence from a master heat source. Below is information on how Ekorad and Fischer Future Heat’s control methods compare.


Fischer slimline electric heaters offer the best control that is currently available for any form of heating. Their thermostat control is wireless and offers dual temperature control. As the thermostats are wireless, the heaters are able to measure the room temperature accurately and increase every cubic space within the room to the temperature that is set.

The dual temperature control enables homeowners to set two temperatures for a room. One for when you’re in the room (comfort temperature) and one for when you leave the room (economy temperature). The comfort temperature is around 21°C and gives out enough warm to ensure the person in the room is comfortable, without being too hot or too cold. The economy temperature is a lower temperature, around 18°C, and is designed to ensure the room stays at a steady temperature so that the heaters only require a small boost when the homeowner wants the heating to be lifted back up to the comfort setting.

The Fischer Heat thermostat can be used manually – the homeowner’s changes the temperature from comfort to economy (vice versa) when they enter or exit the room – or it can be used on a program.

The program mode for the Fischer thermostat allows the homeowner to set different heating preferences for each day of the week. By setting a program, you can choose when and what temperature the heaters come on at. This allows you to manage your home in a complete and efficient way.


Green World Heat is controlled using an integrated panel that allows the user to independently control each room around the home. This form of heating limits the accuracy of the overall heating of the room, as the thermostat gauge is set on the heater. This means the slimline electric heater will only gain the measurements from the temperature of the room based on the temperature around the heater. Whereas Fischer Future Heat can measure the coldest area of the room, Green World Heat cannot. On the whole, the  Green World Heat heater will do a good job at maintaining a comfortable temperature. But there will be some cold spots around the room, because their heating is limited by design.


EkoRad slimline electric heaters have various different controls that work well to maintain a warm and comfortable room temperature. The Eko-Flow and Eko-Heat are simply to use, coming with a turn dial where you can lift or lower the temperature. They can be controlled with a wireless remote (sold separately) that allows you to program the heaters to come on and off throughout the day. Some of the EKoRad heaters come with great control features including: Open Window Security Function and Presence Sensor.

If you’re interested in any of the above slimline electric heaters, visit our comparison pages and find out more.