Find out which electric heaters are most efficient for your home…

We’ve all come across cheap radiant electric heaters and the occasional convector in a DIY or appliance shop, but what types of electric heaters are there that can make an actual difference to our comfort around the home?


If you’re looking around for a new electric heater, you want to make sure you choose the right type of heater for your requirements. The type of heat distribution you require all depends on the room you’re heating. Below is a list of popular electric heaters that you will have come across. Find out which is more suitable for your needs.


Night storage heaters are a traditional electric heating system. They became popular throughout the 70s when energy companies promoted the economy 7 tariff. These types of heaters retain heat for an extended period. Throughout the night these heaters produce heat and then release it during the day. They’re an outdated model that has been overtaken by newer instant heat technology. The issue with night storage is that they’re uncontrollable and restrictive.

Unlike heating that can be controlled night storage heaters cannot give you a desired temperature. They can only disperse a heat level decided by a dial that has a setting for high or low output. Further to the lack of controllability they are wasteful. Once you’ve stored the heat, it has to be used. Many that use these heaters complain that they have to open windows because the house becomes too hot. As such, you are wasting money over spending on your heating.


Radiant heaters are typically cheap to buy and only heat nearby objects. These types of heaters give out instant radiant heat when turned on.  They are wasteful and don’t have any impact on the room temperature. The second you turn these heaters off, the room is cold again. This is because they do not change the room temperature. They’re ideal for some circumstances but they are not ideal for warming a home efficiently. These heaters are often used in the evening by homeowners that have night storage heaters installed.


These types of heaters are great so long as they’re used with a temperature controlled thermostat. Those without control will leave the user consuming more than necessary. A temperature controlled one will activate / deactivate the heater when needed. A good example of a natural convector heater that works well is Ekorad’s Eko-Flow.


German storage heaters are the most efficient form of electric heating. They use an internal clay core that stores high amounts of heat. Unlike night storage heaters, however, they only store the heat that is needed. The most well-known German heating brand is Fischer Future Heat. They operate using a wireless temperature controlled thermostat that effectively utilizes the inner clay core.


Fan heaters give out instant heat. As soon as they are active on the electric they distribute a wave of heat straight into the room. These are effective at warming the air, but aren’t the most efficient. They’re best used in bathrooms where heat is only needed during short periods. This is because they can effectively dry dampness and reduce condensation – perfecting for protecting the room from mould.