If you’re lucky enough to own a holiday home, you might be wondering what is the best way to heat the building. Whatheater recommends EkoRad electric heating for holiday home heating. They can be fully controlled with simple to use dials and buttons


Holiday homes are only used by the owner on certain dates throughout the year. Therefore you might be looking for an easy heating solution that can be installed quickly, with very small down payments. Gas central heating isn’t really suitable for this as the installation and servicing costs can be high.

Compare Heaters  recommends EkoRad. These heaters are low in price and extremely efficient at distributing heat. There is a solution for all rooms. All EkoRad heaters can be controlled easily, with buttons or dials depending on which heater model you buy.

We recommend the EkoRad heater specifically for holiday home heating. They can be controlled on a timer and are very responsive to the users needs. They also look great – perfect for holiday homeowners who rent the building during various periods throughout the year.

All Ekorad heaters come with unique features, including: presence sensor, window security function and consumption display. The EkoRail bathroom heater also comes with a hinge,  allowing you to move it, supplying double the amount of towel rails.

Ordering a heater from Ekorad is easy. Simply add a product to the basket and enter your payment details. From there your order will be processed. Once processed your Ekorad holiday home heating will be delivered within 48 hours, free of charge.

If you’re unsure which Ekorad you would like for your holiday home heating, request a quote. Whatheater will contact you, letting you know the most suitable heater for your holiday home heating requirements.

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