As we know in the UK, our summers are short-lived and with colder weather soon approaching, NOW may be the perfect time to replace your outdated heating. Currently in the heating industry, there are numerous brands (some you may not have heard of), each portraying why they are better than the other. While choosing a new heating solution for your home, it is paramount to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each brand and its products. This is key for you to make an informed decision about the heating solution that will best suit your home.

This blog contains an unbiased comparison between the radiators of 2 brands: Fischer Future Heat and Climastar.

Clay Core vs Stone depth.

The clay-core/stone-depth are parameters that influence the level of heat retention within the radiator: the thicker the core, the better the heat retention of the radiator. Fischer Future Heat radiators have a 40mm clay-core and are actually the only radiator on the market with a 40mm clay-core. Because the core within each Fischer radiator is perforated, the element runs throughout the whole piece of clay, ensuring even and effective heat distribution with no more cold spots!

Climastar radiators have a stone-depth of only 10mm. With less stone to retain the generated heat, Climastar radiators won’t be able to produce and retain as much heat as Fischer’s radiators. On Climastar heaters, the storage element is the front-loaded stone. This stone is on the outside of the heater, although the element is on the inside. Hence Fischer radiator’s heat retention proves to be far superior to that of Climastar.

Fischer Future Heat thermostat vs Climastar thermostat.

Both Fischer Future Heat and Climastar offer wireless thermostats with their radiators, but the difference between them is immense.

Fischer’s thermostats have a built-in room sensor. This allows you to position the thermostat in the coldest spot within the room, ensuring complete heat distribution and total comfort. Catering to every customer’s needs, Fischer thermostats also allow you to set a weekly programmer using two temperatures, unlike other heating solutions. Usability is a key advantage with Fischer’s thermostats. The thermostat has a simple design with a dial and a few buttons; hence customers of all ages can operate it without difficulty. The rotary dial is also ideal for the visually impaired, as it makes an audible click when turned.

Climastar’s thermostat on the other hand has a flat panel, with the corners of the front surface acting as “buttons”. These buttons can often be pressed by mistake by simply holding the thermostat and could disrupt your preferred programmable settings. This may leave you frantically trying to undo the error, with a possibility of not being able to recover your previous settings and having to redo the programming again. This could be a complex process for some users.

Convection chamber.

As we mentioned before, Fischer radiators are manufactured and designed to include a purpose-built convection chamber. This convection chamber assists with heat convection, allowing the cool air to effectively pass through the heated clay core and circulate around your room as warm air. As most electric heaters use natural convection, along with the assistance of some radiant heat to keep you warm, this part of their construction is vital.

Without this convection chamber, the natural convection is not aided in any way, thus providing less convected heat, resulting in longer heating times and less effective warmth.

Manufacturing Experience.

Fischer Future Heat is a well-known brand within the heating industry, manufacturing dynamic, clay-core radiators for over 70 years. Fischer manufacture all their radiators in Germany, and they are hand assembled to ensure superior quality. Fischer are so confident in their product that they offer a 100% heating guarantee. They also provide a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. Industry leaders Fischer Future Heat have also installed nearly a quarter of a million heaters in UK homes. They are a trusted brand and are rated excellent on TrustPilot (4.5 stars) and Feefo (4.8 stars).

Climastar have been manufacturing their radiators for a little over 20 years. They are still a relatively new brand within the industry. Climastar’s radiators are made in Spain. Their number of installations within the UK still remain unknown. They are rated 3.8 stars on TrustPilot.

Bathroom options.

Both Fischer Future Heat and Climastar have bathroom options available, allowing you to be warm and comfortable throughout your home.

Fischer Future Heat’s bathroom radiators are customisable to fit into bathroom of any size. Fischer bathroom heaters are available with an optional integrated towel rail and work using a wireless thermostat. An extra towel rail can even be installed above the heater if you wish – this can be discussed during the free survey.

They are the ideal option for protecting your bathroom from condensation, dampness and mould, guaranteeing you will be warm and cosy, even when you walk out of the shower on a cold winter morning.

Fischer bathroom heaters are quick at storing and distributing heat into the room. They are the ideal solution for keeping a bathroom warm, as well as dry.

Compatible with renewable energy sources.

Both Fischer Future Heat and Climastar radiators can be powered by renewable energy sources, providing they generate electricity. Sources such as solar panels and wind turbines will help to reduce your carbon footprint, whilst also keeping you warm in the winter months.